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Lakeside Park – 64 Locust Ave

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64 Locust Ave Lakeside Park KY

Photo: kymodern staff


64 Locust Ave Lakeside Park, KY

Photo: kymodern staff

Just off of Dixie Hwy in northern Kentucky is this beautiful home, which we have admired for years and proudly feature now.  It is well situated on its lot in a mixed neighborhood where it is dwarfed by Tudors, monstrous Cape Cods and other outsized homes. The wonderful recessed entryway with large glass expanses is smartly designed to allow for tons of natural light.  This ’60s classic is well worth a hop off of I-75 for a viewing in person.

Property Type: Residential
Year Built: 196-
Sq. Footage: 1816 (unconfirmed)

Covington – 224 Wright St.

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Futuro House 224 Wright St - Covington

Photo: kymodern staff

Covington can boast of having one of the rarest prefab houses of all time: the Futuro! Less than 100 of these flying saucer inspired plastic and fiberglass homes were built. Designed in Finland in 1968 by Matti Suurone, the Futuro was originally purposed as a vacation home. Rising oil prices led to skyrocketing plastic costs and was one factor that doomed the Futuro. It is believed that there are less than 60 still standing today.Nestled on a Covington hillside, the Futuro is visible from the KY-Ohio Brent Spence Bridge, especially in the fall. It is still in use as a private residence.

Property Type: Residential
Year Built: circa 1970
Sq. Footage: approx. 525 (per Futuro blueprint)